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This blog is dedicated to the super talented and gorgeous funnyman who's always sporting a sun-kissed tan - mr.
Will Arnett.

Always excited for any future promise of hearing that husky voice of his and seeing his low-cut V-necks (and chest beneath), boyish grin, and green eyes.

~ I call Will by stupid nicknames ~

90% queues 'cuz real life sucks
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I’m afraid I just Bojacked myself.

I’m afraid I just Bojacked myself.

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I love it too, Aaron.

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Oh c’mon you two


Oh c’mon you two

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Megan and Will on the NRL Footy show, september 7.



Can we all take a moment to appreciate Will Arnett’s ass? Because I mean…

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Carolyn: You’re the new face of Guten Bourbon.
Bojack: What is Guten Bourbon?
Carolyn: It’s an urban German bourbon.
Bojack: Am I just hungover, or are you talking like a muppet?
Bojack Horseman - “Say Anything” - S1E7 (via cretincatacombs)
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