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This blog is dedicated to the super talented and gorgeous funnyman who's always sporting a sun-kissed tan - mr.
Will Arnett.

Always excited for any future promise of hearing that husky voice of his and seeing his low-cut V-necks (and chest beneath), boyish grin, and green eyes.

~ I call Will by stupid nicknames ~

90% queues 'cuz real life sucks

"There’s nothing the least bit funny about stealing a meal from Neal McBeal the Navy Seal"

Since I don’t believe in love at first sight, I have to say this was the moment I’ve realized I was definitely in love with “Bojack Horseman”.

And guess what? Neal McBeal is an actual fucking seal ROTFL


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Aw, William! We’re here, babe! And there’s not just two of us, believe me.


OTP: Will Arnett’s voice/my ears

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Will Arnett talking about Jason Bateman talking about Justine Bateman appearing on Arrested Development. [x]

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Well, I found out all I wanted to know.


Well, I found out all I wanted to know.

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"Sigmund Freud suggested that jokes were true, serving two purposes: aggression (such as sarcasm) or to expose unconscious desires”

I’m not sure that we needed you to figure that one out Freud, but no harm in getting a second opinion.

Has anyone else ever noticed how Will can’t just say “no”, he ALWAYS says “No no no”???

Please, don’t make me feel like the only one who’s crazy enough to notice these kinds of things.

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